Naila, the founder of Aztec started a journey of happiness years ago. For this cause she began a journey of finding best chocolate all-round the globe. After a long journey of exploration, she finally found a secret that she named it as “THE AZTEC SECRET” which not just a chocolate but more than a chocolate. Taking the Aztec Secret in her arms, Naila created a handcrafted bakeshop that will not only melt your heart but mind and soul as well.

Premium Chocolates


Aztec is an artisanal chocolate shop embracing all the things sweet. We believe chocolate is not merely to be eaten, it’s to be experienced… To be savored.
Each exquisite chocolate creation is made from the finest Belgian and French Chocolate to create a truly outstanding product.
Every bite is enriched with the history of Aztecs and the journey of cocoa beans through European Colonies. Express your feelings with gourmet exotic chocolate gifts.
Because you and your loved ones deserve the Finest and nothing less.


We create a carefully hand-crafted ready to pick artisan cakes contrived with Callebaut pure Belgian cakes for a decisive experience. Choose from a variety of cakes.


The legitimate secret of Aztec lies in the production of chocolates. With variations of 40+ heavenly premium Belgian chocolates to elect from. Since we want your box to be as good as possible, so we fill it with uniquely crafted chocolate. We offer you the customized boxes with an endless experience to create your masterpiece a unique masterpiece.


Aztec offer an exclusive range of scrupulously hand-picked fresh flowers that are decorated as beautiful bouquets from around the globe and are waiting for you to choose from.

Premium Cakes

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