We're the Aztec Civilization

Aztec is an artisanal chocolate shop embracing all the things sweet. We believe chocolate is not merely to be eaten, it’s to be experienced…

To be savored. Each exquisite chocolate creation is made from the finest Belgian and French Chocolate to create a truly outstanding product. Every bite is enriched with the history of Aztecs and the journey of cocoa beans through European Colonies. Express your feelings with gourmet exotic chocolate gifts. Because you and your loved ones deserve the Finest and nothing less.


We are Pie in th sky, We bake, We cook, We love to eat!

Just like the delicious ingredients put in to making the perfect piece of pie, many ingredients have gone in to making us the irresistible bakery we are! Here’s our recipe! As one of Karachi’s favorite premiere bakeries among the discerning clientele in the city, Pie in the Sky is proud to use only the highest quality ingredients in products. From sweet to savory, we have built our reputation by offering quality in all our items.

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